Bernard Omolo Receives Grant to Assist with Colon Cancer Research in Spartanburg

September 18, 2014 at 11:50 am

Omolo Bernard 2013A University of South Carolina Upstate professor has been awarded a research grant by the National Cancer Institute.

Bernard Omolo, Ph.D., assistant chair of the Division of Mathematics and Computer Science, has received a two-year grant totaling $269,336 to develop statistical methodology for colon cancer research being conducted in Spartanburg.

Omolo’s grant is a supplement to a research grant by Dr. Timothy Yeatman, director of the Gibbs Cancer Center and president of the Gibbs Research Institute. Yeatman’s research focuses on individualized colon cancer therapy using hybrid RNA and DNA molecular signature.

“I will be working with Dr. Yeatman to develop statistical models for predicting response to cetuximab in colon cancer patients,” Omolo said.

Omolo said that he will be analyzing data on patients who are undergoing treatment using cetuximab to treat metastatic colorectal cancer. He also will analyze RNA and DNA biomarkers that indicates the risk or progression of the disease, and the susceptibility given treatment.

Omolo said that he and Yeatman had been working on the supplemental grant since February 2013 and were finally accepted to begin work on September 1, 2014. Omolo said that there is still much to learn about the technology that produced the data and the research methodology.

“It will be a very busy two years for me,” Omolo said. “My work will be focused on research and I will be required to submit manuscripts arising from the data analysis and statistical methodology developed. There will be some travel involved as I meet with experts in the field to learn more about the data and the current reporting techniques.”