Carol Loar’s Scholarly Pursuits

May 17, 2011 at 9:46 am

Loar, C. “Murder Takes the Angel Shape of Justice: Rape, Reputation and Retribution in late Nineteenth-century Spartanburg,” Presented at the Annual Meeting of the South Carolina Historical Association, March 2011.

Loar, C. “‘A Little Learning is a Dangerous Thing’: Attitudes Towards Popular Literacy in Early Modern England,” In Proceedings of the SC Historical Association, 67-78, February 2010.

Loar, C. “‘Under Felt Hats and Worsted Stockings’: the Uses of Conscience in Early Modern English Coroners’ Inquests,” Sixteenth Century Journal, XLI, 2, 393-414, Summer 2010.

Loar, C. “Medical Knowledge and the Early Modern English Coroner’s Inquest,” Social History of Medicine, 23(3), 492-508, 2010.