Clifton P. Flynn

June 1, 2011 at 6:52 am

Life is about relationships. Relationships are connections. Throughout life, connections define relationships which determine aspects of who and what we are. One part of this equation that has gained more understanding in recent years is human-animal relationships.

Clifton P. Flynn, professor of sociology, has studied the human-animal relationship aspects extensively. His work has helped bring awareness to connections between animal abuse and human violence, for example, as well as the role of human-animal interaction on child development and health.

A noted expert in this field, Professor Flynn is a Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics and a Fellow of the Institute for Himan-Animal Connection at the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work. His numerous articles, speaking engagements and participation in national and international forums on the subject helps keep USC Upstate ahead of the curve in connecting with expanding ways of critical thinking.