Desireé Rowe, Ph.D., Awarded Research Grant from Waterhouse Family Institute

October 13, 2014 at 12:27 pm

RoweDesiree2014 (1)The University of South Carolina Upstate is pleased to announce that Desireé Rowe, Ph.D., has received a $4,860 grant from the Waterhouse Family Institute of Communication and Society at Villanova University to begin field research on her project, “Performing Gender-Based Activism in Eastern Germany.”

Rowe, an assistant professor in Fine Arts and Communication Studies, plans to use the grant monies to travel to Germany during the summer 2015, where she will begin to examine the reactions of policy changes post-unification and beyond in east Germany. Her goal is to engage local gender-based activist organizations in the Berlin region of east Germany to uncover dominant themes in resistence to policy.

Through her research, Rowe hopes to provide answers to the following research questions:

  • What are the dominant narratives of gender that German unification created for feminists in eastern Germany?
  • Since unification, how have feminists in eastern Germany responded to the changes in gender-based policy from the GDR (German Democratic Republic) Constitution to the state policy of the Republic of Germany?
  • What are feminist gender-based cultural performances of resistance within a localized context in eastern Germany?
  • What are the narrative themes of these cultural performances of resistance?

Rowe received her doctorate from Arizona State University in 2009. She serves as the faculty adviser for Lambda Pi Eta, the communication studies honor society. Her research interests include cultural performance, gender and ethnography.

Each year, the Waterhouse Family Insitute provides funds to support research conducted by scholars at Villanova and institutions across the world. The institute through its grant program supports communication-focused research needed to engage the complexities of social change and social justice. This year, the Waterhouse Family Institute accepted 34 percent of the grants submitted for 2014-15.