Kelly Waters’ Scholarly Pursuits

May 17, 2011 at 1:53 pm

Waters, L. K., and Hyun, S, “Projecting Biological Oxygen Demand for a Waste Water Treatment Plant,” Journal for Applied Global Research, v(6), 27-32, July 2010. Also appears in Proceedings of Intellectbase International Consortium, 11, 174-177, Summer 2010.

Waters, L. K. “The Unique Equivalence Class of Chromatic Rectangle Free 3 Colorings of a 10×10 Chessboard,” Asian–European Journal of Mathematics, 3(4), 715-729, 2010.

Waters, L. K. Sub-Award to develop and implement coursework, “Meeting the Need for Highly Qualified Mathematics Teachers”, an Improving Teacher Quality grant funded by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education. Original award to Clemson University (CU# 223-2096629) in partnership with Anderson SC School Districts 3 & 5. Megan Che (PI), Calvin Williams (Co-PI).