Ron Fulbright’s Scholarly Pursuits

May 17, 2011 at 10:26 am

Fulbright, R. “Adding Innovation to the Spiral Software Development Model,” Presented at the Seventh Annual SC Upstate Research Symposium, Spartanburg, SC, April 2011.

Fulbright, R. “Virtual World-based TRIZ Project Room,” University Center of Greenville, Grant, $2,900.

Fulbright, R. “Immersive Innovation: Exploring the Use of 3-Dimensional Problem Formulator Diagrams for Innovative Problem Solving,” University Center of Greenville, Grant, $3,000.

Bolt, K., Ernst, C., and Fulbright, R. “Innovation with I-TRIZ in a 3D Virtual World,” USC Upstate Undergraduate Research Journal, 24-35, Fall 2010.