Nicholas Roberts’ Scholarly Pursuits

May 17, 2011 at 8:21 am

Thatcher, J., McKnight, H., Arsal, R., Baker, E., and Roberts, N. “The Role of Trust in Post-Adoption IT Exploration: An Empirical Examination of Knowledge Management Systems,” IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 58(1), 56-70, 2011.

Mellott, M., Thatcher, J., and Roberts, N. “An Examination of the Deployed Inpatient Electronic Medical Record,” The AAMA (American Academy of Medical Administrators) Executive Online,
September/October, 2011.

Mellott, M., Roberts, N., and Thatcher, J. “Control Mechanisms and Deployed Electronic Medical Record Policy Compliance: A Principal-Agent Perspective,” Presented at the Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA) Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL, 2011.

Roberts, N., Thatcher, J., and Grover, V. “Advancing Operations Management Theory Using Exploratory Structural Equation Modelling Techniques,” International Journal of Production Research, 48(15), 4329-4353, 2010.

Roberts, N., Gerow, J., and Roberts, S. “A Meta-Analytic Review and Extension of the Organizational IT Assimilation Literature,” in Proceedings of the Diffusion Interest Group in Information Technology (DIGIT) Workshop at the International Conference on Information Systems, St. Louis, Missouri, 2010.