Henderson Strives to Inspire, Encourage Others

June 11, 2015 at 12:24 pm
Dawn Henderson

Dawn Henderson

Inspiration, by definition, means to motivate, to encourage. It is a trait which emboldens one to also “pay it forward” in that, typically, as one has been inspired, he or she then inspires others.

Such is the story of Dr. Dawn Henderson, director of the RN-BSN program at the Mary Black School of Nursing, Greenville Campus.
“I was inspired to teach by a faculty member who encouraged me while working on my RN-BSN,” she said. “I want to inspire nurses to be the best they can be; to become educators; to look at research; to become leaders; to change the world.”
Drawn to USC Upstate because of the strong RN-BSN program, Henderson found that she also
had a passion to aid the adult learner which formed a natural fit for her tenure at MBSON.
Over the course of her career, she has seen numerous changes. Through the years, however, her
focus has always been on doing what she can to help students succeed. Technology, in particular,
has made a huge impact in helping her accomplish this goal.
“When I first started teaching, we gave students a large volume of paper to supplement course,”
Henderson noted. “Thanks to technology, I can direct students to supplemental information. Use
of technology makes it easier to provide the exact assistance a student needs instead of just
sending an e-mail.”
In addition, technology now affords her the advantage of connecting one-on-one with students
via Skype, FaceTime, Zoom and Adobe Breeze, as well as provide “live” course orientations.
Communicating with students during their undergraduate years and beyond is a priority
for Henderson, as she values staying in touch once they’ve graduated to keep up with their
accomplishments, advancements in the profession, and to hear of how they’re incorporating many
of the lessons learned in her courses.
“I want to provide students with the opportunity to learn through obtaining knowledge that can
be applied to their nursing practice in a way that increases critical thinking skills resulting in the
highest level of nursing practice in any healthcare setting,” emphasized Henderson.
Believing that each person can have an effect on everyone they meet is an outlook Henderson
hopes she’s sharing with her students; an outlook designed to inspire and encourage in the ways
she was.